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We Have Everything Your Pooch Needs To Get Their "Feet Wet" In The Sport of Dock Diving and so much more!

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Our Story

Our story began when we decided we needed an outlet for our young pup, Duke, to stay busy. He was so full of energy that he needed something fun to do. That is when we found Dock Diving! Duke and our son, Zakary, have been making waves ever since!

What We Do

We have a 60 foot pool and a 45 foot pool both with a 40 foot dock set up for everyone to bring their furry friends out to try dock diving! But that's not all! We also offer K9 swimming, group classes, frisbee and so much more! All you need is a dog that loves to play! 

Our Hours!

We are open for private sessions Tuesday through Sunday, May through October. Please click below to see a complete list of our business hours.

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