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About Our Journey

Our story began when we decided we needed an outlet for our young pup, Duke, to stay busy. He was so full of energy that he needed something fun to do. That is when we found Dock Diving! Duke and our son, Zakary, have been making waves ever since!

After our son, Zakary, and our Belgian Malinois, Duke, fell in love with dock diving we began to look for facilities nearby that we could go to practice and learn more about dock diving. What we found is that the closest place was an hour and a half away! This gave us the idea to open up a facility in the Northeast Ohio area back in 2017. 

The mission of our company is to provide individuals, families, and avid dog sport ennthusiasts with a local, fun and clean facility where they can come to play, swim, run, sniff and learn more about all of the different dog sports and activites they can do with thier pups! Our primary goals are to bring humans and their four legged friends closer together, strengthening thier bond and to give families and children an outlet to enjoy their time together!

Duke and our dog posrt community have changed our family's lives forever! The time we spend enjoying this hobby together is priceless. The bond Zak and Duke have formed is undeniable. The fun our family has had as a result of this journey is second to none.

Our hope is that countless other families and dogs will now have the opportunity to enjoy themselves a much as we are!

The best part is anyone can get involved. No experience needed! We have several trainers and offer individual lessons and group classes in many different sports. to anyone looking to have fun with their dog! Swim, play, run, jump, sniff! Whatever you want to do!


Meet Our Team

Our Team is primarily comprised of our family but we have multiple, amazing volunteers that help with different events throughout the year.

Michelle Filler

Facility Manager/Owner


“I love the community we have at Dukes! Everyone is always willing to lend a hand and make new people feel welcome! When we say “welcome to the pack” we mean it! You instantly become part of the Dukes family! 

Zakary Filler

Head Trainer


“I love watching the humans and dogs build a connection and become more of a family!”

Kim Shaffer



image_6483441 (3).JPG
Makenna Lawrence

Office Manager


“I love watching the happiness that dog sports bring to humans and their pups! Along with meeting and building friendships with all of the people in this community! Welcome to the pack!" 

Sav Stuntz-Grosso



"It is amazing to see how excited the dogs are when they come to Duke’s. Whether it’s dock diving, Barn Hunt, or lure coursing, they give it their all and make their humans proud. I’m so grateful to be a part of the pack!"

Our Team
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