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Duke's Day Camp Program

Duke’s offers a unique day camp program that your dog is going to beg you to sign them up for! You can drop your dog off in the morning for an outdoor day filled with ALL of their favorite activities!! Swimming, dock diving, frisbee, running, socializing, agility, and more!!

Duke's Day Camp is completely different than any “doggie day care/camp” programs you may be familiar with. It is designed with the active dog in mind with private, one on one training and exercise. You are not dropping your dog off to a room full of 40 others dogs laying around trying to find ways to occupy themselves all day or left in a small cage with no interaction other than to potty. You will be dropping them off to their most favorite place on earth for the best day of their life! We guarantee your dog will be one very happy and tired pup when they get home!

The format is intentionally specialized for a very hands on, 1 on 1 approach, and because of that, we will only be accepting 5 dogs per day.

Clients can use the website to reserve the date(s) they would like to bring their dog to Day Camp. Clients can also purchase 3, 5, 7 and 10 day discount packages online. See our Book Online page for details. You do not have to use your package days all in the same week, you can choose to spread it out over time based on your own schedule.

What a Day at Duke's Day Camp Includes:

  • Three (3) individual sessions of your dog’s favorite things! You choose the 3 activities you would like them to do! Activities may include dock diving, barn hunt, frisbee, agility obstacle field, walks around the farm, basic obedience training, etc. Each activity will be approximately 30 minutes of private, individual, one on one time with one of our trained camp counselors! (up to $150 value)

  • A brand new, safe, clean, and comfy 6’x5’x5’ foot kennel inside Duke’s Walking Bear barn that will be their private cabin during their down time at camp. Each cabin includes a steel water bowl and large, raised Kuranda bed.

  • Daily updates, including pictures and videos of your dog’s FUNtastic day

  • Progress reports including things like what they did, how they behaved, progress made in the different sports/activities, etc.

  • Hours of mental and physical exercise and stimulation

  • TONS of individualized love and attention! To make sure of it, we limit Day Camp to only FIVE (5) dogs per day

Drop off/Pick up Times:

Drop off time is 8-9am with pick up between 5-6pm

*Any late pick ups from 6:01-7:59pm will be charged a $50 late pick up fee. Any dogs not picked up by 8:01pm will be charged a $150 overnight fee and will not be able to be picked up until the designated pick-up times, the next business day. If the dog is not picked up on time, the next business day, we will be forced to implement our abandonment policy which could result in additional fees, penalties and even abandonment of the dog. Duke’s reserves the right to ban any future bookings for any reason, including late pick-ups.

*Information listed here is subject to change without notice.

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