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Barn Hunt



Barn Hunt is a nose game. Live rats are put (safely) into tubes and hidden throughout our 20x30 fenced barn hunt ring. The ring is filled with an obstacle course built out of straw bales. 
Want to see if your dog has what it takes to sniff out the rats? Sign up for an individual lesson, practice sessions or Group Class today!

Meet Our Barn Hunt Instructor

How to book multiple appointments at one time

Booking multiple classes/sessions at the same time requires a little extra attention but is very simple if you take your time and read the selections. 


The video on the left shows you step by step. 


If you want to book multiple weeks of the same barn hunt class, for example, you select "Barn Hunt Group Classes" from the menu. of the Book Online tab. 

Book Online Page


After you have selected the session you want to book, select “reoccurring” instead of “continue” once you have select the date/time you would like. Please note: "Quantity" should be set to 1 unless you are wanting to sign up muliple dogs requiring multiple spots in class. 


Then select the “add reoccurring times” button and click “continue.”


Otherwise, you can book each class individually but that requires the form to be complete each time and multiple, seperate transactions.  

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